Operation do Nothing

Karolina Grabowska

Dear Eros,

You might have seen the wolf of wall street and other movies about investing or probably seen some shorts or pics on social media about some trader with 3–5 computers. Investing can be exciting. Investing can be emotional but a lot of times it is boring and like any other job it requires working smart.

It is also worth noting that not all Investors make money, including the investment experts. There are two ways to Invest in stocks. You can buy and sell some companies either you or your financial advisor has chosen (active investing) or buy a stock that tracks the performance of the stock market (passive investing). It is not a stock technically but a dummy stock. This stock tries to mimic the performance of the general stock market or a group of companies in the market.

This can be done through index mutual funds or ETF index funds. This funds gathers money from its Investors and maintain the same portfolio of stocks it’s tracking. This is known as indexing.

The benefit is your capital appreciates in the same proportion as the stock market it is tracking. While you will miss out on a 1 in a 100 stock that gives 10x ROI, you will also miss out on having your accounts swept clean.

The key is tracking, so at intervals (preferably biannually) you buy this stock, whether it is in a down or up market trends. Overtime, 10 years and beyond, you will be able to amass safe and stable wealth.

The average return of most indexes is 10%, and while this might seem as being too low, if it helps, majority of funds managers are not able to outperform the stock market at the long time frame. So sticking to this will make you more profitable than a professional investor with a PhD in finance.

This is suitable for persons who can’t and don’t want to handle the stress of investing or persons with a low risk appetite. If you still want to be an active investor, then go ahead, but remember, nothing substitute smart hard work. If you love forex I am more than glad to introduce you to my broker


Or you’re okay with just saving your money, then Mr. Piggy is right for you


We are family. You have any personal question then message me on LinkedIn


Yours sincerely,

OBI Samuel C.E.




Tennis and Finance

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Tennis and Finance

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